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The inner mind of that random odd girl

I daydream like a professional and speak like an amateur

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Hey there LJ users, LJ friends, friends, and visitors, uh welcome to my blog that is on the site that is known as Livejournal or as I often to refer to it as more of LJ. The name's Anni (yes no e at the end) by the way and I used to go by the nickname of Candy but I stopped using it much after 2010-2011 breezed by so now I'm just plain Anni. My interests includes listening to music, watching movies and tv shows I like (CSI: NY, Criminal Minds, Veronica Mars, Once Upon A Time, Galavant, BBC Sherlock, Gotham, Agent Carter, Wander Over Wander, Gravity Falls, New Girl, Bob's Burger, and at times, The Office) are my favorites), bright colors, sweets, listening to music (EDM, Kpop, soundtrack, Christian, pop punk, synthpop, synth rock, etc), reading books, some manga and comics, and at times, writing pieces on the net, writing, hanging out with my family (including my cat) and friends, drawing and doodles, playing a few video games (like Pokemon, ACNL, Kingdom Hearts, and Super Smash Brothers). I tend to blab alot while other times, I'm more reserved and tend to have inquistive mind that won't stop thinking about things from important thoughts to utter nonsense and my head is also shaped up by dreams and daydreams that I have. I'm a girl, a struggling Christian, college student who procrastinates alot, a writer, a Potterhead (who strongly believes in House Unity but House-wise, I'm Ravenclaw but in my heart, I believe, no matter what my friend says, I'm a Gryffindor), a person who has the right to say whatever she feels the need to say when people attack me and/or my opinions that is. I usually restrict from making any comments about gay rights, political debate, pro-life/pro choice comments, and or topics that are categorized as debatable unless I feel the need to comment on it but I prefer to be tight-lipped about it unless I know you in real life and we start talking about it or I ask about it but even then, I'm not really the one to share or want to expand my views on the net. I would say that I'm often try hard to be a nice person who can get hyper, fangirly, and act like I have ADD one minute but also genuinely reserved, cold, and standoffish at other times. I may even be claimed as moody but that's only if I don't like you, you judged me before you got to know me, or you've irritated or annoyed me especially the latter. I'm very reserved around people that I'm not comfortable around, don't have much in common with, don't know that well, and or don't think won't like me for who I am at at all. I will say that once you get to know me though, I can be pretty sweet and caring, and at times but rarely, affectionate. I do like hugs but I don't want to cuddle you unless we're really close friends or your my future boyfriend-husband but yeah... what else? I actually like getting along with people so I won't tolerate any kind of hate, be it about religion, sex, race, class, disabilities and mental illness, and anything of the like that I haven't mentioned. That, and I think people should get along with each other and consider themselves equal. Nobody's perfect and we have flaws. If you're here and you can't agree with any of that, I don't recommend you to friend me. Otherwise, if you like making new friends, have common interests, and or just wnat to get to know me, then welcome! I hope we get to be friends. If not, maybe, just check out my blog and see what you make of it. You don't have to like and that's fine but don't leave bashing comments on it if you don't. I'd prefer it that way if you didn't. If you don't want to leave comments and you're a guest that passing by, then hello, thanks for dropping by! Hope you have a wonderful and fantastic day, noon, evening, and/or morning wherever you're from and reading this. Enjoy your stay!

*You can ask me for my personal contact of any kind if we're close, good, and/or already LJ friends.

Some of my interests include:
☆Harry Potter
☆Kingdom Hearts
☆KPOP (BTS, Seventeen, Crayon Pop, BTOB, BAP, etc)
☆Death Note
☆Cardcaptor Sakura
☆Disney and Disney/Pixar movies
☆Classic Disney movies
☆Disney World
☆God (but I won't preach what I believe to those who don't believe in him)
☆listening to music
☆Star Wars
☆Chronicles of Narnia
☆New Girl
☆Girl Meets World
☆Heroes and Heroes: Reborn

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